Informal Meeting of the Foreign Ministers from the Danube Region

BUCHAREST - November 7-8, 2011


The Informal Meeting of the Foreign Ministers from the Danube Region that took place in Bucharest on November 7, 2011, was organized by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Austria and Romania, under the High Patronage of the Romanian Presidency. 
The meeting was the first high level event after the endorsement of the EU Danube Strategy for the Danube Region in June 24, 2011 and an important step forward in the process of the implementation of the Strategy, marking exactly one year since the Danube Summit 2010 took place in Bucharest.
The Informal Meeting of the Foreign Ministers from the Danube Region is an essential link in the implementation process of the Strategy which translates, being organized once a year and ensuring a permanent political monitoring of this macroregional initiative, together with an independent professional expertise for the evaluation of concrete projects.

The main subjects discussed by the Ministers within the event were focused on the significance of the EU Danube Strategy in the present European context, the management of the EUSDR, the financing engineering for the EUSDR projects and  the communication strategy for EUSDR.


We need to use all our instruments to revitalize the European economy and improve our citizens’ quality of life. The EU Strategy for the Danube region is an important instrument, an opportunity for the macro-region,” said Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi while speaking, in his address, of the obligations incumbent on partners involved in the implementation of the Danubian project.

In his turn, Austria’s Vice-Chancellor and Minister for Foreign Affairs Michael Spindelegger pointed out that Bucharest has become a real capital of the Danube, stressing that the EU Strategy for the Danube Region will become even more important during times of economic recession. “Bundling of interests and the joint cross-border planning of investments and projects in the Danube region are now more important than ever before in order to tap increasingly scarce funds and to exploit growth potential in the best possible manner”, the Vice Chancellor said.



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