Informal Meeting of the Key Stakeholders from the Danube Region

BUCHAREST - January 30-31, 2012


It has become our duty to build a Union of stability and responsibility, of growth and solidarity as the economy can only remain strong if it delivers growth and jobs. The European Union Strategy for the Danube Region is an integrated approach meant not only to boost the development of the Danube macro-region as a whole, but also to stimulate stakeholders to work together at all levels of implementation.
Significant progress has been made by the representatives of the European Commission, the National Contact Points and the Priority Area Coordinators in creating an effective governance structure for the coordination of the multitude of actors and organisations involved in the process.  Targets have been set, teams and working groups have been established, means of financing have been presented and criteria for projects identification have been laid out.
In this respect, stakeholders from the Danube Region representing the academic and business environments must join forces and bring their contribution to the implementation process, by giving an input to a more substantive cooperation, effective coordination and accomplishment of concrete results. Moreover, we must consolidate and extend the informal institutional networks necessary for the implementation of projects which can be done only by applying the principles of cooperation and subsidiarity.

The Informal Meeting of the Stakeholders from the Danube Region was held in Bucharest, on January 30-31, 2012, hosted by Haus der Donau Bucharest. The meeting joined together key actors of the Strategy aiming at creating a supportive think-tank for the activities of the NCPs and PACs who gathered for the 2nd Meeting of National Contact Points and Priority Area Coordinators at the same time in Bucharest.





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