The Ghica Foundation - MISSION

The activity of the “ION GHICA” FOUNDATION is the intellectual, moral and material support of the operations which identify, study, evaluate, experience, appreciate, protect and enhance the significant relics and vestiges of the Romanian architectural heritage.

The purpose of the “ION GHICA” FOUNDATION is to adhere to the efforts of any other legal existing structures which are directly and indirectly concerned with the salvation and the enhancement of the vintage architectural heritage. This would match the efforts and the results achieved in this field with its importance for the Romanian people and with the registration of its creativity in the universal circuit of values (art. 3 and art. 4. 1 of the “ION GHICA” Foundation statute).

The restoration of the Ghica-Gradisteanu palace was the first achievement of the “Ion Ghica” Foundation. It followed the restoration of the “Sfantul Nicolae” (Saint Nicholas) Church (located in the park near the Ghica-Gradisteanu house) and the chapel of the Ghica family at Ghergani. Through all these initiatives, the Ion Ghica Foundation became an active participant / actor in saving and enhancing the Romanian architectural heritage.

Based on the Ghica`s legacy, the success story shall continue today by housing in the former Ghica Palace the headquarters of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions, Steinbeis Danube Center Romania as well as the Haus der Donau, partners of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.

Moreover, the Foundation brings along the knowledge and know-how in its area of expertise – restauration and rehabilitation of architectural historical monuments. Thus, through the concerted efforts of all the participants in the implementation of EUSDR, other important monuments for the history of the Danube can be put back in the cultural and economic circuit.