Strategic Partnerships - Haus der Wirtschaft

Men of vision of their times, both Ferdinand Steinbeis and Prince Ion Ghica worked for a common dream – to build a modern Europe and had a common mission – to serve their king and country.

Ferdinand Steinbeis (1807-1893) is the founder of vocational training system and was appointed in 1848 by King Wilhelm I of Württemberg as the president of the Königliche Zentralstelle für Gewerbe und Handel’, a royal center for trade and industry.

In March 1985 the state government decided to convert the building into a comprehensive supra-regional service centre for small and medium-sized businesses. Companies and organizations linked to business were happy to accept this offer, as the prestigious building renders an impressive combination of traditionalism and modernism, historical substance and modern technology.

Today, Haus der Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg is an interface to business and a unique location for exhibitions, conferences and seminars. As a place of dialogue and meeting for German and international business partners, science, politics and society, it is not only available to companies and business, but also to the public at large.

“Ferdinand Steinbeis - thanks to him Württemberg, with its lack of natural wealth, was able to develop an industrial structure – one that has withstood all the demands and pressures placed upon it to this day and one on which we can continue to build. Given this tremendous legacy, our foundation can truly be proud to bear the name of Ferdinand Steinbeis.

Today’s Steinbeis Foundation believes it has a duty to ensure that the memory and achievements of the man whose name it adopted are not forgotten, especially in our modern world, for it seems that many, while they have heard the name Steinbeis, have no real idea of what that name stands for.”

Prof. Dr. Johann Löhn, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Steinbeis Foundationfor Economic Development and Government Commissioner for Technology Transfer Stuttgart 1986

“Even now, some 150 years after, it is in large part thanks to Johann Löhn that the name Steinbeis has come to be associated with success and innovation in the field of knowledge and technology transfer. The principles of dual training developed by Ferdinand Steinbeis are today more relevant than ever.”

Prof. Dr. Heinz Trasch, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Steinbeis Foundation Stuttgart 2007