Haus der Donau – House of Successful Projects!

With its prestigious architecture and central location, Haus der Donau tends to become the focal point of the business in the Danube Region, fostering transnational cooperation between various stakeholders of the EUSDR, by providing trade information, market research and project consultancy.

Haus der Donau sets as its main target to support the Danube Region to regain its position in the foreground of European and international trade and to assist local stakeholders (the business community, NGOs, local and regional authorities, etc) to take advantage of the European funding opportunities.

As a gateway to the Danube Region, the Haus der Donau is currently showcasing 3.000 square meters of premium mixed-use space – including offices, a small-scale conference and business center and prestigious banquet rooms – all in a historical atmosphere ready to welcome not only business meetings and corporate events, but also official delegations at the highest level.
Our Mandate:
Binding all members of the Danube Alliance, Haus der Donau brings together stakeholders and business partners from the 14 Danube riparian states, opening the dialog with the academic world, the politics and the civil society, in order to serve the interest of all Danubian citizens!
Inauguration of CODCR Office Bucharest - March, 2011

Dr. Erhard Busek, H.E. Dr. Michael Schwarzinger, Prof. Heinz Trasch, Mr. Viorel Ardeleanu, Mr. Peter Langer, Mr. Jurgen Raizner, Mr. Eric Bartha, Mrs. Simona David.

Round table discussions at the official opening of the General Secretariat of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions, Bucharest.